Damon Fay : Sergeant - Albuquerque Police Department

Damon Fay

Sergeant - Albuquerque Police Department

Damon Fay is a 24-year veteran investigator and Sergeant for the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. He was a primary case agent for homicides, police officer involved shootings and major violent crimes cases for 14 of his career years. As a supervisor he led an officer involved shooting team and assisted in numerous major crime joint jurisdictional investigations and task force initiatives. Damon is a recognized expert in homicide investigations and all of its related areas, police use of force and general police procedures. During his extensive investigative career he has developed nationally accepted procedures for homicide investigation and cold cases. He has become one of the leading circumstantial case specialists in the country. Local, state and federal prosecutors and police command have called upon Fay many times in his career to provide expertise in complex, high profile and highly sensitive investigations. As a Sergeant of the Advanced Training Unit of the Albuquerque Police Academy, Damon and his staff oversaw the specialization training and career advancement of police personnel. He is an instructor in Firearms, Defensive Tactics and Ground Fighting, Use of Force and Intermediate Use of Force, Homicide and Cold Case Investigation, Major Case Management, Interview and Interrogations and Contact Weapon Defense. Sergeant Fay holds a 3rd degree (3rd Don) black belt in Tae Kwon Do through the United States TKD Federation and the International TKD Federation, and he is a Kali/Eskrima lifetime student. He lectures and teaches throughout the United States and is the co-author (with Steve Tarani) of Contact Weapons: Lethality and Defense published through Gunsite in Arizona. Fay has also been a technical adviser to the film and television industry as well as Sci-Fi and mystery writers.

Heather Poerio : Master Sergeant - Illinois State Police

Heather Poerio

Master Sergeant - Illinois State Police

Master Sergeant Heather Poerio began her career in Law Enforcement in 1989, in corrections, probation and was a police and fire dispatcher from 1991 until 1995 when she began her career as a Trooper with the Illinois State Police. As a Trooper in the Chicagoland area, Heather was assigned to a special enforcement team that focused on gangs, guns, drugs, reckless drivers and DUIs. She has served in many roles in the last twenty-one years.

Almost twelve years of Heather’s career with the I.S.P. has been spent as a crime scene investigator in the Chicagoland suburbs. She has been the crime scene investigator for over 1000 major cases including hundreds of death investigations, scenes with multiple deaths, entire families and a few nationally covered cases.  She received the Department Medal of Achievement for creating the five-week curriculum to train crime scene investigators in the State of Illinois. Heather served as the Coordinator of the CSI course and trained and certified a total of 130 officers as crime scene investigators for the State Police and 90 additional police departments. Master Sergeant Poerio has been qualified in Criminal and Federal Court as an Expert Witness in the area of Crime Scene Investigation.

Master Sergeant Poerio has worked for the North Eastern Multi-Regional Training corporation for the last 12 years. One area of her career that she is most proud of is that she has trained and collaborated with over 3000 law enforcement officers in the areas of Lead Homicide Investigator, Instructor Development, Career Survival, Fingerprinting, Footwear, Weapons, Biology/DNA, Tool Marks, Courtroom Testimony and working the scene from the first piece of evidence to a courtroom conviction. This past year Heather’s testimony merited a life sentence for an offender that ambushed and murder a Metra Railroad Police Officer and a sentence of 126 years was given to an offender that committed a home invasion, sexual assault and kidnapped the victim, terrorizing her in her own vehicle with a juvenile accomplice to hold her down.

Heather has ascended up the ranks and was promoted to Master Sergeant in 2013.She currently serves as a Patrol Field Supervisor in the largest District of the Illinois State Police on the evening shift, where she is most comfortable and inspired with the criminal patrol she witnesses from great officers every evening.

Master Sergeant Poerio will retire in 3 years and is looking forward to teaching as a University Professor and would like to continue her law enforcement career as a Chief of Police at a local department. Heather likes to learn about officers in a unique way, and we all know that Homicide Investigators are a unique group. If you are still reading this and have made it this far….little known fact, Heather has cut a man’s hands off and cut off the delicate parts of a different man. Neither of them felt any pain. If you share a little-known fact about yourself, she will share the particulars with you, although you may not want to hear the details. Who are we kidding, you want to hear all the sordid details. We are Homicide, our work is in those details!!!